Car HUD Display

Car HUD Display
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Car HUD Display

  • Manufacturer: iKiKin
  • Item #: M1111
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  • Condition: New
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Car HUD Display, iKiKin HUD Head Up Display GPS OBD2 Dual USB Interface with Alarm Systems & Security Digital Windshield Projector for All Vehicles M11


<p><strong>Features</strong></p> <ul> <li><strong>Dual System OBD2&amp;GPS</strong> &ndash; This head-up display has dual system OBD2 &amp; GPS with two USB ports, you can freely switch with one click to change the two systems, which is intelligent output and lossless safety.</li> <li><strong>Professional &amp; Innovative Design</strong> &ndash; With the design of an integrated raised key, you just need a lightly one click to operate this heads-up display for cars freely. It applies a high-performance processing chip to ensure smooth operation at high speed.</li> <li><strong>Clear &amp; Legible</strong> &ndash; The car HUD adopts nano-technology to eliminate double reflection. The integrated sunshade on the HUD helps avoid interference with vision and ensures a clearer display and visibility during daytime or night and enjoys driving without glare.</li> <li><strong>Automatic &amp; Energy-Saving</strong> &ndash; This HUD navigation for a car is designed with auto power on/off function. It starts automatically when the car starts and shuts down automatically after the car turns off, no need to manually operate that is really convenient and energy-efficient.</li> <li><strong>Multiple Displaying</strong> &ndash; The car speedometer display has 24 display modes with brighter showing colors such as common standard mode, high-speed safety mode, and so on, which you have more choice, and makes the screen more abundant and convenient to read.</li> </ul>

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