Car Trash Can

Car Trash Can
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Car Trash Can

  • Manufacturer: ATMOMO
  • Item #: ST-T1374-FBA
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  • Condition: New
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Car Trash Can Bin Waste Container Multi-Function Storage Box Car Cup Holder Car Organizer


<p><strong>Features</strong></p> <ul> <li>LARGE CAPACITY: The large-capacity design can accumulate enough garbage for long-distance rides; It provides the maximum convenience when you need to throw rubbish while driving on a trip; Suitable for any type of vehicle</li> <li>CLEANLINESS: With temporary plastic garbage bags, you are always afraid of sprinkling food and waste in your car. This car trash can has a lid that can be closed to ensure you have a good driving</li> <li>SEALED DESIGN: With a sealed seam design, it is ideal for travel and outdoor activities, protecting your interior from rubbish and block in odors</li> <li>MULTI-FUNCTION: It has a high quality design makes it be a good storage bag that keeps your car clean, it can be used beverages and cup holders, or as a storage file, paper towel</li> <li>SPACE SAVING CONTAINER: The trash bin provides full garbage storage capacity without taking up much your legroom. Highly quality durable trash box, space saving and easy to carry it for vehicles</li> </ul>

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