LLH2K Twist Throttle

LLH2K Twist Throttle
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LLH2K Twist Throttle

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LLH2K Twist Throttle, throttle Clamp, Cable Kit - Fits for 80cc Monster Moto MM-B80 AmericanFlag MuddyGirl RealTree Mini Bike 2.5HP - Easy to Install, High Performance Design


The LLH2K Twist Throttle, Throttle Clamp, Cable Kit is the perfect fit for your 79.5cc Monster Moto Mini Bike 2.5HP. It is compatible with the MM-B80-BR - CLASSIC, MM-B80-AF - American Flag, MM-B80-MG - Muddy Girl, and MM-B80-RT - REALTREE models. This Twist Throttle Cable Kit is made of 100% high-quality material that is anti-oxidizing and heat-safe, making it a more durable alternative. It is easy to install and use, and is available at an economical price. Plus, it is always a good idea to keep a spare Twist Throttle Cable Kit in your compartment in case of any breakdowns.

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