Start-X Remote Starter Kit

Start-X Remote Starter Kit

Start-X Remote Starter Kit

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Start-X Remote Starter Kit for Tacoma Push to Start 2016-2019 || 3X Lock to Remote Start


Start your Tacoma 2016-2019 remotely with the most complete Plug N Play Remote Starter KIT for Push-To-Start Tacoma 2016-2019 to cool or warm your truck. Separate kit available for 2020 Tacomas, this kit won't work.

This kit is brought to you by Start-X, all technical questions should be addressed to highly responsive customer support at Start-X.

Revised, unique T-Harness designed specifically for a Tacoma. No wires need to be cut or spliced. However, there is some disassembly of your truck required. Please see the video. Instructions are included, or you may view our instruction video for super easy and fast installation.

Start your vehicle with clicking 3x lock on your factory remote. Press the lock 3x again and the professional grade Start-X Remote Starter will turn off your vehicle too.

When you open the door to the vehicle the engine will shut down. There is no way around this. After remote starting you will need to restart the engine before driving. The distance from where you can remote start is the distance you can lock your vehicle from. Please test your key fob to see the distance you will be able to remote start from.

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