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  • Manufacturer: WOOLLYWORMIT
  • Item #: 100A
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WOOLLYWORMIT Wheel Brush, Multipurpose Auto and Car Detailing Tool with Integrated Lug-Nut Cleaner, Flexible Soft Chenille Microfiber Wheel Detailer with NO Metal Parts Exposed, NO Rim Scratching


Clean rims or wheels in less time with the WOOLLYWORMIT Wheel Brush! This 13-inch long, flexible Chenille microfiber-covered brush fits in and between wheel spokes and openings to clean deep inside the wheel barrels, bends to reach and clean behind spokes, while rigid enough for scrubbing inside the wheels of automobiles, pickup trucks, vans, and motorcycles. With no metal parts exposed, you can be sure that there will be no scratches or damage to surfaces, spokes, and corners. Plus, there's no splatter like bristle brushes!

The WOOLLYWORMIT Wheel Brush also features an integrated lug nut cleaner, with two different-sized lug nut cleaners and four cleaning sponges included in every package. The patented brush design allows you to clean with or without the handle, and the unique wider surface area with lower height sidewalls allows the brush to clean any opening greater than 1.1 in. (2.8 cm.) x 2.2 in. (5.6 cm).

Finally, the removable and replaceable cover makes it easy to keep your brush clean and looking like new. Just throw your dirty cover in the washing machine and hang dry for a thorough clean.

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